Friday, December 6, 2013

Another LUSH Christmas haul!

A few weeks ago I visited the LUSH store in search of the new limited edition lip scrub (Santa's lip scrub). While they had practically everything else from the Christmas collection, they were sold out of this. So to the internet I went!

I picked up a Santa's lip scrub, along with another Mint Julips scrub (a gift for someone, since I love it so much!)

Mint Julips is vegan, while Santa's lip scrub is classified as non-vegan. If you take a look at the ingredients list, it doesn't have any non-vegan ingredients on it. According to the Q&A section, it's listed as non-vegan due to the coconut milk powder being manufactured in a facility that also works with milk products (hence, better to say no than get complaints).

Santa's lip scrub is an edible red sugar scrub that smells of cola and cherries.

I've included some pictures of the scrub; there are little red (edible!) hearts on top of the scrub.

And then I got an awesome product.
I had gotten an email about one of their LUSH talks and just passed it off as being a theory product, but not an actual product.

And I'm so glad that I went online for that lip scrub, or I wouldn't have known that it was true. It's...

Yup. That's right, you heard me.
It's a snowcake scented perfume.
That delicious, sweet almond marzipan smell that you get in a soap every year and cherish until the last lather is now in a perfume form.

I immediately spritzed this when I got it, and I can say that it smells exactly like Snowcake soap. It has a good lasting power as well. It's also suitable for vegans! :)

So what are you waiting for? GO GET SOME OF THIS DELICIOUS STUFF.

Snowcake perfume is an online only, limited edition product.

And I absolutely love it <3

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