Friday, December 6, 2013

An awesome Target find: NYX Eyes set!

I've had my eye on the NYX Love in Paris eyeshadow palettes for a few weeks now, which normally retail for $9.99 each. I missed an Ulta sale, so I decided to wait for a good deal.

And what did I find one night, while hunting for vegan food at Target?
An awesome NYX set, with the palette I was after included!

This NYX set includes two long eye pencils (black and brown), a Boudoir mascara, and one of two eyeshadow palettes (the one that I got was Madeleines and Macaroons, but you can also get Je Ne Sais Quoi) for a total of $9.99.

Yup. That's the same price as if you were to buy the palette by itself. I wanted the palette anyway, so hey, why not give some of their other products a try at the same time?

(This was located at the end of the aisle in a display with a few other NYX lip sets in nude and pink)

I'm waiting to try the mascara, but I've swatched/used the other products in the kit. The eyeshadows are very pigmented; the lightest shade and the pink shade are both matte; it looks as though there are only three shimmer shades (the top left two and the very middle shade). I tried the liners, and while they're pigmented, I find it hard to use them on the eyes as they're quite hard and pull the eyelid. I guess you might need to try the hit-with-a-blowdryer-for-a-few-seconds trick with these ones.

The other palette you could get in this set (but they didn't have at my Target) was the Je Ne Sais Quoi palette. I purchased this one from Ulta at full price (no other items included)

The only matte shades in the Je Ne Sais Quoi palette are a chocolate brown and a charcoal black. These are also very pigmented.

Swatches will be coming soon, but I figured I'd let you know now so you could snag one at your local Target before the holiday frenzy happens! :) All products are full sized, and NYX is a cruelty free company!

What's your favorite product by NYX? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below :)

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