Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cocoa Pink Fall Scents review

Cocoa Pink was having a sale awhile ago, and after having my eye on her products for awhile, I decided to try some out. I picked up a few things: a linen spray, a roll on perfume, a scrub sampler, a body butter, and a shampoo. The scrub sampler came with a few of their new fall scents in 3.8 oz sizes (6 oz usually) and an extra lipbalm in Harvest Crisp (not pictured)

This one was topped with poppy seeds! How cute is that? I love them :)

I guess this one was originally covered with sugar sprinkles, but they seemed to have dissolved.

This is also really adorable. A piece of candy corn adorns the pumpkin biscotti scrub :)

I picked up a Voluptuous Body Butter in the scent "Fear of Pumpkins".

This is the Squeaky shampoo in Flowerbomb type (yes, the fragrance) with a sample of their Argan Therapy Creme in Apricot Eyelet

She gave me another sample of the Voluptuous Body Butter in Pumpkin Pie Spectacular :)

I also picked up a Linen Spray in Wicked Desserts

My thoughts on the scents of the products:
Apricot eyelet: this actually smells very gourmand; like a sweet, sugary cake with icing
Flowerbomb: this smells like the perfume; a nice floral note
Fear of Pumpkins: this smells really good, like cinnamon and butter with a hint of pumpkin
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake: this smells exactly like lemon poppy seed muffins. Delicious.
Witches Delight: this smells like brown sugar and maple candy
Pumpkin Biscotti: this one smells like pumpkin, butter, and sugar
Naughty Pumpkin (the rollerball I picked up): smells like pumpkins with a little bit of a musky tone (still pleasant!)
Pumpkin Pie Spectacular: this one smells like pumpkins and almond oil. I love it! Might have to pick up a full size ;)

Overall I really like what I got from her. Check her out on facebook and on her website!

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