Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap

So, about those body washes I mentioned from Fortune Cookie soap....

They're awesome! I, for some strange reason, tend to have allergies and a stuffy nose only in the mornings and nights, but I could still smell this body wash when I used it in the shower! I tried out the cranberry + apple = FTW and it smelled like I was being showered with warm apple cider. I mean... I don't consider that a bad thing, because apple cider is delicious. The wash was a good consistency; it wasn't runny or overly watery like some other body washes I've tried out. This one has just the right consistency and bubble power. I found that it was fine for cleaning action by itself, but I imagine it would also work very well with a body poof if you so desire. After the shower my skin felt nice and soft, with no residue left behind. The scent still lingered afterwards :)

If you like apple cider, Cranberry + Apple = FTW body wash is a must for you this fall season!

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