Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Fortune Cookie Soap Box review

Fortune Cookie Soap is an awesome company that makes bath (and now home scent!) products. They offer a subscription box that is sent to you every three months with goodies from their new scent collections. It's $19.95 per box (but it comes with a $10 dollar voucher for your next purchase!). The shipping is also included in this price :) It's a great way to try out their goodies and get a feel for what scents you want before you shell out the dough and bite the bullet on shipping costs. Each box has 8-9 samples from the new collection; the box that I received here (my first one actually!) came with all of these goodies:

Included in this FCS soap box were: 
Pick of the Patch Personal Space (an air freshener)
<Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here> Bath oil
You're insecure, Donut what for... Milk bath
I Yam what I Yam (said the Marshmallow) Whipped Cream
Leeeaaf Piiiile!! Bath Fizzy
Cranberry + Apple = FTW wax tart
Autumn Daze Fortune Cookie Soap
Indian Summer OCD hand sanitizer
A 10 dollar voucher!

So far, I've tried a few things :) Well, I sniffed them all. Multiple times. And my dog helped. 
I've used the wax tart in my tart warmer (this apparatus) and it had quite good throw (meaning it carried throughout the room). By the way, college-students-that-aren't-allowed-to-have-flame-candles, this is a great way to get your scent on without burning down the house! :) The whipped cream body butter is also very nice with a lingering smell. As far as the milk bath goes, I gave it to my mom because I'm vegan and it actually (what a surprise) contains dairy. I also don't take baths (come on. Showers. I take showers.) so I cannot attest to the fizziness rating of the bath fizzy or the oiliness of the bath oil, but both smell lovely :) The soap contains little maple sparkles that are absolutely adorable and fitting for the season. The hand sanitizer, once you get past the alcohol smell, is actually quite nice as well :) 

Overall, the FCS box is a great way to try out new products and scents! I probably wouldn't have tried most of these scents out had it not been for these samples. I took that ten dollar coupon and put it to good use, getting the goodies I posted in my previous preview post. Reviews up soon! ^_^

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