Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mad City Sue haul and review

One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is a lady named Sue. She makes awesome body and hair products that come in a wide variety of scents. I originally discovered her when I was looking for a body cream version of Lush's snowcake soap, and her dupe smells so, so so good. I placed another order with her in conjunction with my mom and this is what we got :)
Shower parfait cream soap in Pumpkin Frappuccino
This smells like pumpkins, spice, and coffee. Exactly what you would expect :) Mine came in an off-white color with little red jojoba beads for exfoliation.

Shower parfait cream soap in Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes
This smells like pumpkins and buttercream frosting. Delicious! This looks the same as the Pumpkin Frappuccino one, but with purple jojoba beads.

The shower soaps are very creamy and moisturizing. They lather very well, so a little goes a long way! :)

Double butter body cream in Shortbread Cookie Snaps
This smells like flour and butter. Given that that's what shortbread is made of, it's spot on.

Double butter body cream in Snow Cake
This smells just like marzipan :) I love this scent!

These body creams are very moisturizing and leave a lingering scent :)

Shower parfait cream soap in Snow Cake
This is a repurchase. Again, can't get enough of this scent. I want to eat it :x

This one came as a light pink cream with little red jojoba beads. So cute!

Whipped sugar soap in Lemon Curd and Marshmallow
This was an extra. It smells sweet and sugary with a touch of lemon. Can't wait to try it out!

Solid perfume in Snow Cake
I didn't think I had enough snow cake, so I got some snowcake for my snowcake so that I could smell like snowcake while I used snowcake.

This was another win from Mad City Sue! :) Check her out on facebook and etsy!

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