Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Night Hauls

For those of you who don't know, Bath and Body Works is running their 2 for $22 dollar candle special right now (October 11th). I was a bit tempted and decided to step in to have a look at the winter scents. Damage to the wallet happened.

3 Wick Candles in Vanilla Bean Noel, Red Velvet Cupcake, Holiday, and Leaves (x2)

You might notice that I got two of these. Reason? I seem to go through them QUICKLY. I buy 2-3 every sale but they're always gone by the next promotion. I promise I don't eat them. Leaves is just the right balance of apple and spice that doesn't assault your nose but leaves your apartment smelling crisp and fresh.

Red velvet cupcake smells of cocoa and buttercream frosting. Don't be ashamed for drooling. It smells delicious. Holiday is a very, well, holiday scent. It smells of cinnamon and spice, but at a tolerable level. 

Acorns are one of my favorite designs, and I couldn't pass up on this wallflower unit. 

Look how detailed it is! So pretty :3

I had a coupon for a free body product with my purchase, so I decided to pick this up as I had enough body lotions for now. Smells just like apples! (Not as good as my all time favorite, Winter Candy Apple, though).

And off to Ulta I went!

Love Debbi lipgloss by Too Faced Cosmetics

20% of net proceeds go to breast cancer programs.

It's a sheer pink with blue toned shimmers and smells just like strawberries!

And that was all that got hauled tonight. Well, besides an online order for the candles they didn't have in store (Homemade Cookies ahhhhhh!)

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