Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candle and Wax Tart Storage

 If you're a candle/scents person, you'll know that there's the temptation to have all of the good smells on hand for whatever mood you're in. But then the issue comes: where do you store your goodies? Hopefully this post will give you some ideas :)

This little guy is a decorative candle that I found at Target this season. Isn't he cute? It's a geometric squirrel with an acorn. Absolutely adorable :) I keep this one out for appearances

This empty Cider Lane tumbler is what I use to collect the used up wax from my tart warmer. It's very convenient and hopefully it'll look cool when all the different colored tarts are layered :) 

This is my helmer from IKEA. Half of it is dedicated to candle/wax storage, while the other half is for nailpolish (a completely different post entirely ^_^ )

In the first drawer I have my miscellaneous scent products. Some wax shells, wallflowers, scent portables, and massage oil candles. The one I have currently is from Earthly Body; it's a vegan candle that has wax that melts at lower temperatures so you can use it as a body moisturizer and have a lovely scented room :) 

This is the second drawer. Yes, a full drawer is dedicated to my Ten Digit Creations wax tarts. These are my packs of four (half of these are from my recent post dedicated to their fall scents!)

The third drawer is wax tart singles. Half of these are from Ten Digit Creations, while the other half are from Serendipity Candle on Etsy :) if you'd be interested in a review on the scents I have, let me know!

This is one of the wax tarts from Serendipity Candle in Peanut Butter Cup :) mmm!

I keep my 3-wick Bath and Body Works candles on the top of my helmer. 

I'm so glad they brought back Homemade Cookies this year! This is my 3-wick from two years ago, when they last had it. I was saving it just in case :)

This is a pretty candle that they came out with this season, Spiced Apple Toddy! Look at the lid! :)

These are my candle duplicates that I have in my bathroom on my bamboo shelf. Just some Leaves, Homemade Cookies, Nutmeg Spice No. 1, and Cider Lane :)

If you ignore my beautiful (cough) artwork, this is where I have my current candle burning. A 3-wick candle in the scent Leaves (this is the third or so one I've burned this season!)

These are some candles kept in the kitchen to give it a homey feel. Some Yankee Candles and a Cider Lane from B&BW :)

I had some empty candles, but I figured you guys wouldn't want to see empty tumblers. The scents I had used up were Leaves (x2), Sweater Weather, Autumn Day, and Cider Lane :)

How about you? Do you have lots of candles and nowhere to put them?

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