Sunday, November 10, 2013

Briar Muse Bath & Shower Gel Review

A few months ago I discovered OpenSky, which is like an Etsy for more widespread brands. I discovered Briar Muse, a bath and body care brand. They had a delicious looking Winter Apple scent, so I decided to try out my most used product, shower gel :)

This shower gel has a crisp apple scent to it. It is not as sweet as my favorite apple shower gel, Winter Candy Apple from Bath and Body works, but it still smells delicious! I think this fragrance could actually be used by men, not just ladies like me :) It's a fresh, crisp smell like a slice of a green apple. 

The consistency of the shower gel is also satisfactory. It isn't goopy or too runny; it has just the right thickness to stay in your hand and not slip everywhere. It doesn't lather as much as some drugstore shower gels, but it still lathers enough to get you clean. I like using some of it on a shower poof as I find it increases the bubble factor :)

Overall, I'd probably buy it again (after I use up all my other shower gels!). Check BriarMuse out on Opensky, facebook, and etsy!

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