Sunday, November 10, 2013

LUSH Collection Part 2

This is the second part of my mom and I's LUSH collection. This excludes all of the bath bombs and bubble bars from the Christmas hauls, which you can see here and here. Let's get on with it, shall we? :)

Bath bomb in Softy (retro). This is a rose/lavender/orange scented bath ballistic. 

This is some of the Northern Lights soap from last Christmas. Bright yellow! Stained through the bag :P

Bath bomb in So White (Christmas). It's scented with crisp apples! Love it :)

Ma Bar bubble bar. This is scented of chocolate and toffee and has a cute little sugar cube in it! :)

This is a bubble bar from last Christmas called "Santa's Sack"

And the snowcake begins.

Snowcake is an almond scented soap that is so creamy and moisturizing. It may look like I've spent a ton of money on this stuff, but every year at the end of the Christmas season LUSH sells it for half off, so I stock up :)

Two pieces of the porridge soap. This smells tasty, like oatmeal. It has little scrubby bits in it too! :)

And another favorite almond product of ours, marziban! I can't find a link on their website, which worries me. Good thing I still have a few :) It smells just like marzipan and gives you lots of creamy, moisturizing bubbles in your bath! It even has a cute little almond on it :)

Some bubble bar/bath bombs my mom has are:

Tisty Tosty: a light floral scent that leaves little rose petals in your tub
Rose Jam bubble bar: a bubble bar that smells edible, almost like a jelly
Sex Bomb bath ballistic: a light floral fizzer with rose and other flowers
Rose Queen bath bomb: another floral bath bomb with patchouli notes and flower bits
Amandopondo bubble bar: a rosy/citrusy bubble bar that gives softening bubbles

And that (combined with Part 1) are all we have for now! :) Thanks for reading!

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