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Lush Collection Part 1

This post will cover my (and my mom's) LUSH collection. To prevent it from being too long, I'm going to split it into a few parts. This one will cover products that come in jars or bottles, while I'll have a whole post dedicated to just bubble bars/melts/bath bombs :)


This is the collection of LUSH products that I have in and around my shower. I have a body scrub (Rub rub rub), sea salt shampoo (Big), lip scrub (Mint Julips), and acne treatment (Grease Lightning)

Grease Lightning is a serum like product that was recommended to me by the sales associate. I have combination skin with the occasional breakout, so this is good for preventative measures from the acne spreading. I find that it's too glossy for use during the day, so I put this on at night before I go to bed.

Mint Julips is a completely edible lip scrub. That being said, I don't know why you'd want to lick your lips after using this, but it doesn't leave a terrible taste after you wash the sugar off. It's a sugar based scrub with a tiny bit of jojoba oil; it's more on the scrubby side than the oily side. I absolutely adore this stuff. I use it everyday after I wash my face in the morning :) It smells and tastes delicious, just like mint chocolate!

Oh nooo! I'm running out. I already have a backup though :)

Rub rub rub is a sea salt scrub for you to use in the shower. It's blue with little scrubby bits in it. It is not as abrasive as their Ocean Salt scrub; this is good for a gentle exfoliation. It has a citrusy scent (and obviously smells a bit like salt).

Big is a shampoo that's made for clarifying hair or basically just deep cleaning it. It's got sea salt in it, so it takes some getting used to when you apply it to your hair. It has a citrusy salty scent. My hair feels volumized after using this.

I tried the solid conditioner version of Big but did not like it. It smelled weird, it went on the scalp weird, and I believe that it made my scalp break out. I put it on a soap dish and it actually ate off the silver finish, so I'm not sure what that says about the product's acidity.

These are a few of my mom's products. 

Rose Jam (limited edition for Christmas)
Angels on Bare Skin (face wash)
Sweetie Pie (shower jelly)

My mom added witch hazel to her Angels on Bare Skin so that she could use it as a paste. She has very oily skin, and she says that it works really well for her skin type, especially when she makes it into a paste.

She also has tried the Dark Angels face wash and did the same thing. She likes this one for oily skin as well, but she warns that you should use it in the shower as it makes quite a mess with charcoal going everywhere.

My mom likes Sweetie Pie because it's 1) fun, 2) has a nice smell, and 3) has a good texture. She says that this will foam nicely with or without a loofa. It has a jelly like consistency.

Rose Jam shower gel is a "nice, very earthy-rose scented shower gel". My mom says that it softens and smooths her skin while not being too runny or goopy. It bubbles nicely with or without a loofa.

She likes sugary scents, so the Bubblegum lip scrub was more suited to her needs :)

My mom says this scrub makes her happy because not only is it a pretty pink color, but it also tastes good and works really well.

She follows up the lip scrub with the A Million Kisses lip tint. She says it's a good sheer rose tint.

Other face/body products my mom has tried are...
Coconut deodorant powder: she says this is a good deodorant for the winter months, but is not suitable for summers. She put it into another container with a puff to make it easier to apply. 
Bare Naked Lady body dusting powder (retro): this is a powder that leaves skin soft and dry that has a light scent; it also prevent chafing
Ultrabland: this is a makeup remover cream that effectively removes even waterproof makeup while leaving skin soft; it may, however, not be very well suited for oily skin
Ultrabalm: this all purpose balm is good for dry elbows and feet; it is an excellent alternative to petroleum jelly
Lemony Flutter: this cream is good for cuticles and dry hands; a little goes a long way and it has a nice light scent (this isn't vegan, it contains lanolin I believe)
Turkish Delight shower smoothie: this is an "incredible, awesome smelling, moisturizing, and good foaming" body smoothie for the shower. My mom says it works well with or without a shower loofa.
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: this rose-scented body conditioner for the shower is super moisturizing and "a little goes a long way"; it does not leave a greasy residue on the skin
Charity Pot: this body lotion has a light chocolate scent and is good for most skin types (my mom can use this and be totally fine, I have sensitive skin and I reacted to it)
Fair Trade Foot Lotion: my mom really likes this lotion for dry feet and heels; she says she likes to put it on before bed, put socks on, and she'll wake up with soft feet in the morning
Godiva solid shampoo: my mom likes the convenience of this product, but doesn't really like the scent once it's lathered. It leaves her hair clean and soft.
In the Nude bath melt: smells of sandalwood and lavender, very emollient
Imogen Rose solid perfume: smells very nice and lasts; can melt when carrying in purses though (it has a massage bar base)

She also has the following soaps:

As for me, I've tried a few other products from LUSH's body/haircare collection.
Buffy the backside slayer shower scrub:  this is a combination between a body butter bar and a scrub bar; the shells on the inside of the butter makes it quite abrasive. I liked to use this before shaving as it would leave an oil/creamy residue that I could use to shave instead of shaving creme. 
Vanilla Puff body dusting powder: this is a really nice powder for absorbing excess moisture; I like putting it on my legs before epilating. It also smells awesome :)
Creamed Almond and Coconut shower smoothie: I really liked this stuff and used it all up already. It has a lovely almond scent and lathers well. I also really enjoyed using it as shaving creme.
Latte lip tint: I'm not really sure why I got this; it smells good, but it has a VERY metallic bronze tone that simply does not work on my skintone
Mask of Magnaminty: this face mask is a minty exfoliator. It has scrubby bits inside and smells of peppermint. It lasts longer than their other face masks.
Cupcake fresh face mask: I've gotten this face mask a few times. It's a creamy mask for oily skin that leaves your skin feeling refreshed afterwards.
Sugar scrub: this stuff was kind of weird; it was a good scrub I guess, but it absolutely disintegrated in the shower. Wouldn't really pay that much for one again ($6.25)
Dirty Springwash: this is a unisex shower gel that smells of mint and grass. I even got my boyfriend to start using it :) it lathers well and leaves skin clean and moisturized.
Squeaky Green solid shampoo bar: this is an earthy smelling shampoo bar; it's very convenient and lathers well.
Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner: I got a trial size of this; it smells very floral and moisturizes your hair. I felt that I needed quite a bit of product to get the desired moisture level, so you might want to stick to the bigger sizes (the trial will only give you maybe 3-5 uses)
Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask: this mask has mashed up blueberries and makes you look like a smurf when using. My dog actually kept sniffing my face. It's really nice for calming your skin after breakouts.
Oatfix fresh face mask: if you have a sensitive sense of smell, DO NOT GET THIS. It was so terrible. I put it on and got sick to my stomach. I immediately removed it and ended up with a headache. I exchanged it in store for another cupcake mask. If you're interested in it, sniff before buying.
Mange Too massage bar: this is a good massage bar that fits well into the size of your hand. Keep in mind that this one is too big for the tin that they sell for the other bars. It also has honey.
Heavanilli massage bar: this bar smells AWESOME. It might be my favorite smelling thing from LUSH. It's nice and moisturizing and lasts for quite a while. It has a very lovely vanilla scent :)
Vanillary Solid Perfume: I really like this perfume. It's the same scent as the vanillary bath bomb; a light, sweet vanilla. It lasts well and moisturizes the skin.
I recently acquired the Nutts massage bar but haven't tested out it's abilities yet.

Whew! That was a lot! And that's only the non-bath products! :) Stay tuned for Part 2!

What's your favorite LUSH product? What do you want to try?

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