Saturday, November 9, 2013

Whipped Up Wonderful Scent Review and First Impressions

 I forgot who it was, but one of the blogs I follow posted on facebook that an awesome etsy store named WhippedUpWonderful was having a 18% off sale on bath and body products. I had just come back from LUSH and was in a body products mood. I looked through her shop and picked out a few scents to try.

Apple Orchard Bubble Bar: this smells awesome, like Macintosh candle from Yankee
Pumpkin Spice Bubble Bar: this smells like sweet vanilla, almond, and pumpkin scent. It's very nice! And it's so pretty :)

Bagel eyeing the goods

Sugar Cookie bath bomb (it has little sprinkles for the holidays!)
This smells like a powdery sugar cookie.

Gingerbread bath bomb (more sprinkles!)
This smells like an almondy, gingery pastry. Very delicious :)

This is what the pumpkin spice bar looks like.

I didn't want to wait to post a scent review because these are holiday only scents! :) You get the idea though. Bath bombs fizz in the water, while bubble bars give you oodles of bubbles. Check her out on facebook and etsy! :) These smell awesome, and if you're more of a gourmand type like me, these will fit right in to your bath time routine!

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