Sunday, November 10, 2013

What I got at Atlanta VegFest 2013!

November 9th was Atlanta's second Vegfest! My so sweet boyfriend (who isn't vegetarian/vegan) was nice enough to come along with me to check out the goodies :)

I picked up a few things...
Pure Abundance Luna Cashew Cheese (vegan)
Pure Abundance Pan Cashew Cheese (vegan)
CrazyRumors (!) Atlanta VegFest 2013 Peach lipbalm (vegan)

and not pictured:
CrazyRumors Au Naturale lipbalm that I gave to my guest :)

The Luna cheese is a standard cashew cheese that you could spread on crackers. It doesn't have any herbs added to it. I really liked the sample that I had :) ($10)

The Pan cheese from Pure Abundance ($10) is like the Luna cheese but with herbs covering it. The sample of this was good as well! :) Can't wait to crack these babies open!

I also picked up a Treeline cheese in Herb and Garlic. I had a sample of this from one of the guys running the Dough stand, and let me tell you, it satisfied my spreadable cheese craving! :) (~$8)

I got this lipbalm from the lovely people at CrazyRumors. This one was exclusive to the VegFest (I think?) and smells of peaches. Mmm! :) The au nautrale (not shown) is a basic lipbalm that's unscented/unflavored (good for the guys in your life!)

And that's all I got before my budget was up! It was extremely crowded to the point where we decided to leave early to avoid the stress :( Bummed that I missed Isa and the Shannon's cooking presentations!

Did you go to VegFest and pick any goodies up? Let me know in the comments! :)

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