Monday, November 18, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter unboxing :)

This season's Fortune Cookie Soap box was given the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas. They added a lot of cute details, so check them out below! :)

The card says that "Holiday Worlds" whipped cream body butter was included. From what the card says, it appears that you can get one of four fragrances for different seasons. I got "Christmas Town"; mine kind of smells like a woodsy icing? Really hard to describe. 

"Oogie Boogie" Hand Sanitizer... smells of crisp berries, kind of cranberry/blueberry-ish

There's even a little spider on the inside! How cute :)

Roll on perfume in "What's This?": smells like sugared pecans

"Zero" dry shampoo: peppermint and pumpkin scented

"Sandy Claws" body butter: this one smells goooooooood. Like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. 

"Lock, Shock and Barrel" bath melt: a woodsy fragrance

"Jack" bath fizzy: iced lemon, menthol, cranberry and moss

And the cutest of them all! The "Sally" fortune cookie soap! This is a very clean scent, kind of like the ocean with flowers. So cute!

To top it off, the box came with a tiny jingle bell! How adorable :) I'm sure my cats will love this (and proceed to drive me crazy) with this. 

The box also come with a $10 dollar off coupon for your next purchase :)

What do you think of this season's box? Any must haves?

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