Sunday, November 10, 2013

Daily Skincare Routine

I've spent a lot of time perfecting my daily skincare routine so that my skin is happy and healthy. Here are the cruelty-free products I use on a daily basis:

In the shower, I use my clarisonic with my Michael Todd Organics' Honey and Oat cleanser. This is good at preventing and healing breakouts while also removing makeup (even eye makeup!). I really like this cleanser and have repurchased it :)

Funny fact about my clarisonic: I got mine when they first came out and you could get them inscribed with anything. I, of course, chose the tagline "Bringing sexy back", because why not?

If I shower at night and then cleanse my face in the morning, I use my Mychelle Clear Skin Cleanser. I like using this for preventing and treating any breakouts. It bubbles nicely and leaves skin feeling fresh.

I'll follow up washing my face with a bit of Michael Todd Organics toner (I have both the cranberry and the blue algae). I prefer the cranberry one, but my mom gave me her blue algae one to finish up.

Towards the end of my shower I like to use alba Botanica's Natural Acnedote Face and Body scrub. This exfoliates while cleansing and treating breakouts. I like to use this on my shoulders, chest, and neck area. I tend to get spots on my back if I don't completely wash my conditioners off, so I like to use this as one of the last steps before I get out of the shower. It smells nice and leaves skin soft :)

As far as post-cleansing treatments go, I keep my routine pretty simple. If it's the morning, I'll first spray my face with a few mists of Urban Decay's b6 vitamin-infused complexion prep spray. I find that this helps the skin get a tad bit of moisture so it doesn't dry out. Once that soaks in, I apply a pump of my elta MD UV clear broad-spectrum spf 46 moisturizer/sunscreen. I love this stuff! It moisturizes my skin and provides SPF protection without leaving a whitecast. The last time I ran out of it I tried to use other samples while I was waiting for my new bottle to arrive, and other moisturizers with SPF just could not compare. I recommend getting it on amazon :)

If it's night time, I'll follow up cleansing with either my antioxidant facial moisturizer from Trader Joe's or my Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer. If I have breakouts (which doesn't happen all that often on my face) I'll use either Mychelle's clear skin spot treatment or Relogy's targeted spot treatment (I received this in my VeganCuts beauty box once).

And that's pretty much it for my basic skincare routine! What are your favorite skincare products?

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