Saturday, November 9, 2013

Perennial Soaps review

Perennial Soaps is a vegan soap company that I discovered through the Vegancuts Beautybox :) I wanted to try a few, so I picked up 2 of the "3 for 12" sets (here).

Energy: jasmine citrus blend; like sprite almost
Ginger Ale: exactly like the fizzy drink

Coffee: light coffee scent with actual coffee grounds for exfoliation
Beau: more manly scent; still suitable for women, sweet smell, not heavily fragranced

Peppermint Tea Tree Facial bar: smells just like peppermint candy
Blackberry Sage: like a sour blackberry candy, with blue swirls

Raspberry Patchouli: Earthy raspberry smell, not too strong
Urban Hippie: stronger patchouli smell

The soaps have a good consistency; they're not crumbly or overly creamy. They're quite solid but due to the oils they contain I imagine they're quite moisturizing in the bath/shower :)

Check them out on facebook and etsy!

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